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Joomla Exploit


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Sleep apnea is a very difficult thing to live with, both for the sufferer and for people living and sleep with him or her. If you fit into either of these categories, then you know just how frustrating it can be. Read through the tips found in this article to learn the best way to survive this problem!

Skip sleeping pills if you are prone to bouts of sleep apnea. You may feel you need them to get to sleep, but they have a similar effect as alcohol on the body. They also have additional side effects besides the obvious ones. Stay away if you want to lessen your sleep apnea symptoms.

If you have sleep apnea, be sure to ask your doctor every five years if you should have a follow-up sleep study. As your weight and health change, your CPAP pressure may need to be adjusted. The most accurate way to reassess your needs is to have another sleep study with CPAP so the appropriate pressure can be determined.

Improve your sleep apnea by slimming down a bit. Recent research showed dramatic improvements in overweight men who shed 25 pounds over a period of one year to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. In some cases, the weight loss resulted in a cure of sleep apnea where no further treatment of the condition was necessary.

Understand the effects that smoking and drinking alcohol have on sleep apnea, if you are trying to get a grip on your quality of sleep. Smoking enlarges airways, while alcohol can relax them too much, both of which will contribute to the symptoms of sleep apnea severely. Consider making the necessary cut-backs that will cut down on your sleep problems.

Check if a corrective device can help alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. Having an overbite, an undersized jaw or a recessed chin can cause your airway to be more narrow because of how your jawbone is set. These devices help create proper alignment of your jaw while you sleep, opening up your airway more. As a result, you experience fewer sleep apnea symptoms.

Consider an alternative sleep apnea flower remedy therapy (also known as essence therapy). Vervain is used in this treatment for its calming and relaxing effects. This can help treat your symptoms, including insomnia problems associated with your apnea. As an added bonus, it also helps reduce overall stress and lower high blood pressure.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is important to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcoholic beverages will relax the muscles in your throat, which makes it more likely that they will block your airway during your sleep. At the very least, avoid any alcoholic beverages in the evening before you get ready for bed.

If simple changes in your lifestyle, such as regular sleep hours and losing weight, have not eliminated your sleep apnea episodes, it is time to consult with a sleep specialist. The specific causes of your sleep apnea can be evaluated, and an individual treatment plan can be designed for you.

Throughout history, sleep apnea has been one of the most frustrating, often dangerous conditions from which a person can suffer. Anyone wishing to alleviate their sleep apnea symptoms must first acquire complete comprehension of the condition's causes and possible treatments. Keep the material from this article nearby, and you will have a useful reference to help you navigate the sea of potential solutions.


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